Jigging and hole hopping are the mainstay on our excursions but we also employ tip-ups, sight fishing and other effective techniques. 


Unless injured, all Crappies over 12-1/2" are released, all Bluegills over 9" are released and all Yellow Perch over 12-1/2" are released. Selective harvest is strongly encouraged for panfish. 

Great Fisheries

The majority of our Walleye and Perch trips are done on Leech Lake, a world class fishery. For numbers of panfish we often explore smaller area lakes. 

Otter Cabins

Newer heated two person Otter shelters are the key to our mobility. 

Snow Machines

Reliable snow machines allow us to fish the entire lake when snow limits travel by other means. 

Your Guide 

Captain Phil Bauerly is a year-round, multi-species guide and Leech Lake resident of 13 years. He spends 200+ days on the water in pursuit of fish for his clients. Additional guides are added for larger groups. 

The Experience