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Ice Fishing Packages

-Basic ice trips are 5 hour evenings and include the following: heated portable shelters, augers, rods and reels, tackle, bait, and lake transportation as needed (typically 2-up snowmobiles and 2-man flip-over shelters). We stay with you, we stay mobile,  and we drill as many holes as necessary.  For walleyes it's best to start before dawn or end after dusk.  I'm currently booking December 15th-January 31st 2022. 


                                                                                        5 Hour Trips            
                                                                                 1 angler               $250                            
                                                                                2 anglers              $350
                                                                                3 anglers              $450


      -A MN license and warm clothes are all you need, but feel free to bring your favorite gear or machine.